COVID-19: Poles more relaxed about the pandemic, survey shows

Nearly half of Poles believe Poland is well prepared for the latest wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, in spite of the growing number of infections and hospitalisations, according to a survey run by IBRiS pollster for the “Rzeczpospolita” daily newspaper.

COVID-19: 3,000 new cases in Poland, active cases increasing

The Health Ministry announced 3,000 new confirmed COVID-19 infections in Poland, increasing the total number of cases recorded in the country to...

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As many as 34.1 percent say they agree with the statement, while a further 15.3 percent “generally agree” with the claim.

“It is the highest percentage of such answers in the survey so far,” the daily wrote.

Only 38.3 percent are critical about Poland’s readiness to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, including 17.9 percent being strongly critical, the paper writes.

“It is typical wishful thinking showing that, at the moment, facts are less important for Poles than expectations,” Prof. Zbigniew Nęcki, a social psychologist, commented on the survey.

According to the psychologist “people have got used to living with the pandemic and they're less emotional about it”.

Infection numbers went up to about 1,000 a day at the end of September and are on a steady rise, with 3,000 new cases reported on Thursday. The health minister predicts infections will increase to 5,000 a day by the end of the month.