PM wants to address EU parliament on constitution case

PM Mateusz Morawiecki has asked the head of the European Parliament if he could address the assembly in order to present Poland’s position on a recent top court’s ruling saying Poland’s constitution takes precedence over the EU law.

The Constitutional Court (TK) ruled last week that several articles of the EU Treaties do not comply with the Polish constitution, calling into question the primacy of European Union law over national legislation.

The new law could further strain relations between Poland and the EU, already under pressure from a number of clashes ranging from the rule of law to the environment.

But PM Morawiecki, according to government spokesman Piotr Müller, would like to go before the EU parliament to put Poland’s case.

“Prime Minister Morawiecki has sent a motion to the president of the European Parliament to take part in the next sitting so that he can present Poland’s position during the planned parliamentary debate,” Müller tweeted on Wednesday.

According to Polish private broadcaster RMF FM, the European Parliament will debate the Court’s ruling issue next week.