Ruling party leader reveals name of new Minister of Sport

Kamil Bortniczuk will become the new minister of sport, while Łukasz Mejza will be the deputy minister, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party head Jarosław Kaczyński announced in an interview with the Polish Press Agency PAP.

“The nomination will take place as soon as possible, taking into account the legislative process needed to separate the ministry. I think that the matter will be closed next week,” Mr Kaczyński said.

As he noted, the non-attached MP Łukasz Mejza will take the position of deputy minister of sport.

The PiS chairman thus dismissed the idea that the Ministry of Sport would not be separated from the current Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport.

Changes in the government have been announced by the United Right since leaving the ruling camp by the Agreement of Jarosław Gowin, who left the government along with some of his associates. However, in the end, most of the deputy ministers from the former deputy prime minister's party remained in the United Right and joined the PiS parliamentary club.

Mr Bortniczuk, formerly a politician of the Agreement, is now in the Republican Party established by Adam Bielan, in the lower house (the Sejm) he is a member of the PiS club.