Using financing as instrument of pressure breach of EU treaty: ECR head

Being the co-chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformers [ECR], Professor Ryszard Legutko shares his seven-years-long experience in EU politics, telling PolandIN in an exclusive interview that “using financing as an instrument of pressure is a breach of the Treaties of the EU”, which is exactly what the European Commission, in the words of its head Ursula von der Leyen, has been considering to execute on Poland in the row over the primacy of national constitutions over the EU law.

Building on his years-long expertise, Professor Legutko traced back the politicisation of the European Commission to the tenure of Jean-Claude Juncker as the body’s head in 2014-2019.

“It all started with the Jean-Claude Juncker [European] Commission who openly redefined the role of the Commission calling it a political body. Until that time people largely believed that the major function of the Commission was kind of coordination, the secretariat, so to speak, of the member states,” recalled the MEP adding that it was “then that Mr Juncker said it was a political body, meaning, that it has a political agenda that represents its ruling majority.”

“The European Commission and the political majority in the EU are quite committed to making the lives of the Polish and the Hungarian governments miserable,” Mr Legutko said, adding that the rule of law “is just a pretext.”

“First of all, the European Commission has no competence whatsoever to be a judge of the state of the rule of law in the member states,” the MEP said, adding that “this is a breach of the [EU] Treaty.”

The co-chairman of the ECR went on to stress that “perhaps more conspicuous breach of the Treaty is using money or financing as an instrument of pressure on the member states. Nowhere in the Treaty and so anywhere else can you see anything that even would suggest such a possibility. This so-called conditionality mechanism is, from the point of view of the law, an outrage. It shouldn’t have happened at all.”

Watch the entire interview here.