Rock Rachon: Polish top court ruling fuss, Czech Rep after elections

On October 7, the Polish Constitutional Court (TK) ruled that several provisions of the EU Treaty are inconsistent with the provisions of the Polish Constitution. Ever since, this issue has been widely discussed within the international society of different political options. The TK ruling was one of the main topics of the latest Rock Rachon episode as well.

In the oral justification for this ruling, the TK indicated that EU law takes precedence over Polish laws only within the scope of delegated powers. According to the Court, allowing the EU to create norms outside this area and giving them priority would mean a loss of sovereignty.

In recent years and months, many EU countries have passed similar judgments indicating the primacy of the national constitutional order. For instance, in May 2020, Germany's top court in Karlsruhe stated that the EU regulations must be within the scope of competences that have been transferred to the EU by the member states and must not infringe German regulations.

Nevertheless, not only the EC, but also the German politicians believe that the German ruling, concerning the power abuse of the European Central Bank (ECB), should not be compared to the recent judgement of the Polish top court. However, the fact that all the member states are equal in their rights to recognise their constitution as a superior act over the European laws is visibly ignored by the above-mentioned officials.

Matthew Tyrmand, one of the programme’s guests, touched on this issue from the wider perspective and discussed the possibilities of the Polish withdrawal from the EU, as well as the opposition leader Donald Tusk, who is using the fake-news about the so-called Polexit to consolidate his position on the native political stage.

In turn, David Stulik from the European Values centre takes a closer look at the Czech legislative elections aftermath. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš's ANO party has narrowly lost the Czech parliamentary elections. The winner – the centre-right SPOLU – wants to form a new government with the Pirates and Mayors party and Independents coalition (STAN) who came in third.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the US struggles with another interior hazard, which Antifa, a terrorist organisation, has become especially after the death of George Floyd. Andy Ngo, the editor-at-large of the Millennial Post, brings us closer to the topic and why the democratic mainstream media do not report about violent incidents including this group.