Turów mining operation cannot stop: Environment Minister

“We have shown that the interim measure of shutting down the Turów mine is a disproportionate measure to the situation. We received a laconic answer that the judge of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) simply does not agree with us,” the Climate and Environment Minister, Michał Kurtyka said in an interview with the “Gazeta Polska” weekly.

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“We have had such cases in the history of the Court. I will mention the nuclear power plants in Belgium that were contested by NGOs. However, at the time, the CJEU did not demand the plant be shutdown, saying that there is a higher public safety interest. We are surprised and do not understand why our arguments were not taken into account by the deputy head of the CJEU,” the head of the Climate and Environment Ministry stressed.

Regarding the negotiations with the Czech side the minister claimed that “we put a very good offer on the table. It would benefit mainly the inhabitants of the region, where there is a sense of danger and where there is a lack of investment in water supply infrastructure. We met the expectations of the Liberec region - the immediate neighbour of the Turów power plant and mine. We also proposed a generous support package. We also wanted to launch detailed environmental monitoring to talk about the facts on the basis of specific data from the mine”.

He emphasised that although the Polish side opted for “full transparency” and wanted to create the conditions for an agreement, the offer was not accepted, and at the end of the negotiations there was an “escalation of demands” from the Czech side. He noted that there were a total of 17 rounds of talks on this matter.