V4 wants peace and development in Middle East: PM

“This is an extremely important step towards ensuring stability for the entire EU. For Poland and the entire V4, it is very important for the Middle East to have peace, conditions for economic and social development that will prevent migration and terrorism,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said after the meeting of the V4 heads of government with the President of Egypt in Budapest.

Prime Minister Morawiecki assured that the Visegrad Group would urge countries from the western part of the EU to deepen economic cooperation with Egypt. “Egypt is a great partner, 100 million people, a very future-oriented country, that is why Poland for several months has been building cooperation on the basis of reciprocity by creating a special economic zone in the Suez region constructed by the Katowice zone,” the head of the Polish government stressed. “External migrations pressing towards the southern and eastern EU borders are a big problem in modern times. We as V4 appreciate the role of Egypt; we thank the President of Egypt for securing the border for five years,” he added. The prime minister recalled that there are currently around 6 million refugees and migrants in Egypt. He also emphasised that “we Poles are struggling today with a similar, though slightly different problem, where this evil practice, the role of the smuggling mafia is played by the Belarusian authorities”. “This shows what a dangerous practice it is to cause artificial migration tensions and how much it is necessary to deal with the issue on the spot, to help countries that are potentially a reservoir of the great migration,” Prime Minister Morawiecki said.