World media to publish papers about Polish post-pandemic economic growth

Next week, more than 50 world media will publish texts about the strength of the Polish economy as part of the latest edition of the project "We Are Telling the World about Poland". The authors are, among others, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, President of the Stock Exchange Marek Dietl and OECD experts.

"The texts will be published, among others, in European countries such as France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, but also in Senegal, Venezuela, Mexico, Kuwait, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore,” said Michał Kłosowski, the head of the international projects department of the New Media Institute implementing the project.

Mr Kłosowski points out that this is a response "to the needs of editorial offices from around the world, a specific network of interest in Poland and Central Europe, which has been created in recent years".

"Journalists are curious how Poland is dealing with the pandemic, how our stock exchange works, what ideas Poles have for the further development of the economy," he explained.

In his paper, PM Morawiecki wrote: "Poland returned to the tracks of rapid economic growth as one of the first countries in Europe. Already in the second quarter of 2021, the GDP level exceeded the pre-pandemic level. The rebound came even faster than we assumed, but this only confirms how effective the implemented anti-crisis tools turned out to be. The stable situation of public finances made it possible to generate a financial cushion that secured the interests of thousands of Polish companies and millions of employees. We managed to maintain not only jobs, but also an increase in salaries.”

He also highlighted the fact that Poland is in the vanguard of the OECD countries in terms of salary rise, as well as the country with one of the lowest unemployment levels in the EU.

This is confirmed by Mathilde Mesnard, head of the Directorate for Finance and Enterprise in OECD. She noted that Poland's strength lies in part in the dynamism of its capital market and that it has one of the largest equity markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Ms Mesnard highlighted that the country was also a pioneer in terms of small and medium-sized enterprises' access to the capital market.

The latest edition of the project "We Are Telling the World about Poland" is implemented by the Institute of New Media with the support of the Stock Exchange, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish Press Agency.