Poland has same rights as other member states: PM over top court ruling

The judgment of the Constitutional Court confirmed what literally stems from the content of the constitution, namely that the constitutional law is superior to other sources of law, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, referring to the Thursday ruling of Poland’s top court.

On Thursday, Poland’s top Constitutional Court issued a judgment on the principle of the supremacy of EU law over national law. The judges ruled that several articles of the EU treaties were inconsistent with the Polish Constitution, questioning the primacy of European Union legislation.

In the post on Facebook, the head of government stressed that the accession of Poland and Central European countries to the EU was "one of the most important events of the last decades, for both Poland and the EU.”

“We have all gained benefits from it. That is why I say clearly: Poland's place is and will be in the European family of nations,” he added.

PM Morawiecki drew attention to the fact that similar verdicts have been given in recent years by the constitutional courts of many Member States.

“We have the same rights as other countries. We want these rights to be respected. We are not a persona non-grata in the European Union. That is why we do not agree to be treated as a second-class country. We want a community of respect, not an association of equal and more equal. It is also our community. We strive for such a Union and we will continue to create it,” stressed the head of government.

In March, Prime Minister Morawiecki submitted an application to the Constitutional Court after the judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union. At that time, the CJEU ruled that the current form of the National Council of the Judiciary did not guarantee the impartial appointment of candidates for judges.

The Prime Minister's application contained three points, including the constitutionality of the principle of primacy of EU law and the principle of sincere cooperation between the states of the European community.