Rock Rachon: Hybrid war on Polish-Belarusian Border

The hybrid war that the Russian Federation and Belarus are waging against Poland brings not only increasing migration pressure but also new evidence of provocations by Belarusian services. A recent example was a dummy bomb found by the Polish forces at the border with Belarus.

The Belarusian website Nexta has published a selection of social media posts from the accounts of migrants who have paid for illegal transfer across the Polish border.

“Our brothers! We have fallen into a trap. Belarusian authorities sent us to our deaths. They took our money and left us to die. We found the culprits,” one of the published posts reads. Some of the posts also contain photos and personal data of Belarusians involved in the illegal migration business.

The second part of the programme concerned the recent parliamentary elections in Germany and also contained a commentary on US recent political affairs.

Rock Rachon’s guests were Tomasz Grzywaczewski, Nicolaus Fest and and Matthew Tyrmand.