Poland supports Western Balkans’ EU aspirations: PM

Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki stressed, during the EU-Western Balkan Summit in the castle of Brdo in Slovenia on Wednesday, that Poland unambiguously and consistently supported the accession of the Western Balkan countries to the EU, which is to increase the EU’s development opportunities and strengthen peace and stability in Europe. He also called for closer transatlantic relations.

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“We are in favour of strengthening transatlantic ties and supporting the EU in cooperation with NATO,” he emphasised. The PM also assured that all EU leaders supported the need to protect Poland’s eastern border. Mr Morawiecki went on to emphasise the growing threat of cyberattacks, for which the eastern neighbours of the EU are responsible. “They are talking about eastern neighbours, I want to say unequivocally that here we have absolutely full support in the field of defence against the hybrid war, the migration assault, which is artificially generated by the Lukashenka regime,” the Polish PM said.

He recalled that the border of Poland, Latvia and Lithuania with Belarus constitutes the external border of the EU and that these three countries, defending their borders against illegal crossing, also defend the EU borders. The PM emphasised that Poland, Lithuania and Latvia were unequivocally supported by the entire EU. He also assured that Poland would continue to build protective mechanisms and installations that would help protect the borders against artificially induced migration pressure.

The EU leaders also discussed the idea of ​​creating a strategic EU gas reserve and decoupling electricity prices from gas prices due to rising energy prices and Russia’s energy policy. This topic will be continued at the European Council meeting at the end of October.

“We warned against this and that is why we will definitely discuss very intensively, and I will certainly propose solutions to the Council of Ministers and the Lower House (Sejm) that will also be protective solutions for those who will be most hit by the increase in energy prices caused by the EU climate policy,” he explained. He added that in this regard there were voices, including from Spain, stating that rising energy prices were a threat to the competitiveness of European companies and households.

“Joint purchases of gas can always be lower on the spot markets and we are also discussing this,” the PM said. “Poland is in a position today, whereby our wholesale prices are among the lowest in Europe, but the problem for the whole of Europe is also a problem for Poland,” he added.