Wyspiański’s Apollo goes to London

The “Apollo. Copernicus System”, a stained-glass window designed by Stanisław Wyspiański will travel to London to be shown at an exhibition of the works from the Young Poland: The Polish Arts and Crafts Movement (1890-1918) period in the William Morris Gallery.

Young Poland: The Polish Arts and Crafts Movement (1890-1918) is an initiative of the National Museum in Kraków, the Institute of Polish Culture in London and the William Morris Gallery. The three metres tall artwork is one of Wyspiański’s greatest stained-glass creations. Many find his distinctive style to be ahead of his times.

“What’s interesting, the work will be displayed at a gallery without the bottom layer, since the room located in an old townhouse didn’t make it possible for the work to be shown in full,” said Piotr Ostrowski, the director of Kraków Stained-glass Museum.

The display will begin in October 2021 and “Apollo” will be back in Kraków at the beginning of 2022. Stanisław Wyspiański was a playwright, painter and poet, as well as an interior and furniture designer. As a patriotic writer, he created a series of symbolic, national dramas within the artistic philosophy of the Young Poland Movement. Wyspiański was one of the most outstanding and multifaceted artists of his time in Poland under the foreign partitions.