COVID-19 antibodies present in over 70 pct of Poles, says health min

More than 70 percent of the Polish population has antibodies against COVID-19, a Health Ministry spokesman announced on Wednesday.

Wojciech Andrusiewicz referred to research on antibody levels in Poland from July carried out by the State Hygiene Facility.

“We have information that over 70 percent of Polish society comprises resistant people, people who have antibodies,” he said. “That of course does not mean they will not get sick, but there is a certain resistance.”

The spokesman added that research among fully vaccinated people showed that 98 percent had antibodies. Meanwhile, 40 percent of unvaccinated people also had them, probably having already had COVID-19.

He went on to say that taking these data into account, “we should not have such a problem with hospitalisations” during the pandemic's fourth wave.