We will not tolerate actions of Belarus: EC head in ‘State of Union’

“Belarus is carrying out hybrid attacks on the border to destabilise Europe,” Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission (EC), said on Wednesday in her “State of the European Union” speech at the European Parliament plenary session. She also offered assurance of the Union's support for Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Lithuania launches construction of fence on border with Belarus

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“Belarus is pushing migrants across the border, we will not tolerate this,” she stressed, adding that “Europe knows better than anyone that if you do not act on time in response to the crisis abroad, this crisis will knock on your door.”

“Today one does not need armies and rockets to pose a threat. One can paralyse industrial plans or hospital operations and all one needs is a laptop. One can disrupt elections by using a smartphone and the right software,” she pointed out.

In her speech, Ms Von der Leyen also raised economic and climate issues, mentioning that Poland is the Union’s largest exporter of electric buses.

Speaking about climate change, the head of the European Commission argued that “it is getting warmer” and that it is caused by human activity.

“But we can fix this and that... More electric cars were registered in Germany than diesel cars in the first half of this year. Poland is now the largest exporter of electric buses,” she pointed out.

In her speech, the head of the EC also addressed the topic of combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

“More than 70 percent of adults in the EU are fully vaccinated. We were the only ones to share half of the vaccines we produced with the rest of the world. We have delivered over 700 million doses to the people of Europe and more than 700 million doses to more than 130 countries elsewhere in the world. We achieved this as the only region in the world,” she emphasised.