Foreigners are eager to study in Poland: daily

“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and protracted residence procedures, Polish universities attract foreign students, especially from Ukraine and Belarus,” the “Rzeczpospolita” daily reported on Wednesday.

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“A record number of 82,500 foreigners study at Polish universities. Only last year, over 4,000 new foreign students came to the country. The preliminary information on this year’s recruitment shows that even more will come this year,” the daily wrote.

“The interest of foreign students is greater compared to last year’s recruitment. We notice an increase of about 10 percent,” Adam Koprowski, media communication specialist at the Jagiellonian University was quoted as saying by the daily.

Ewa Sapeńko, spokesperson of the University of Zielona Góra told “Rzeczpospolita” that this year the number of foreign students at the University increased by about 20 percent compared to last year.

The daily pointed out that other universities also experienced an increase in interest from foreigners.

“Despite the [COVID-19] pandemic, we have not seen a decline in the number of foreign students at Polish universities,” Anna Ostrowska, spokesman for the Minister of Education and Science, admitted.

According to “Rzeczpospolita,” the reason for foreigners being so interested in Polish universities is that “they provide cheap education and allow entry to Poland, i.e. to the European Union.”

“Another advantage is the recognition of diplomas of Polish universities in other countries,” Agnieszka Kosowicz, head of the Polish Migration Forum Foundation, said, adding that the situation beyond our eastern border also has a great impact on the level of interest in Polish academia.

According to data, mainly Ukrainians and Belarusians come to study in Poland. As the daily pointed out, they most often choose medicine, management, IT, and international relations majors.