Vast majority of Poles dismiss ‘Polexit’ idea: poll

The majority of Poles do not support leaving the European Union by Poland, commonly called “Polexit”; at the same time, some of the respondents are concerned that such a scenario may be implemented, according to the latest research by United Surveys for “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” (DGP) daily and commercial radio RMF FM.

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When asked whether Poland should remain in the EU, 88 percent answered “yes”, whereas only 7 percent stated they were in favor of leaving the Union.

According to “DGP”, where the results of the survey were published, the supporters of staying in the EU prevail in every age group and regardless of place of living.

The poll also showed that the voters of the opposition parties: Civic Coalition, the Left and Polish People’s Party were leaders in favour of staying in the EU - in this case the figures exceeded 90 percent. Among the ruling Law and Justice supporters, 87 percent said “yes” to remaining in the EU.

In the opinion of the political scientist Rafał Chwedoruk, these results are similar in comparison with other EU countries, such as the Czech Republic, as “consent on this point goes beyond various divisions in society, which shows that there will be no room for the euroscepticism in Poland for a long time.”

However, when asked if leaving the EU was a realistic scenario, 30 percent of the respondents replied positively, According to 57 percent, there is no such threat.

Among the ruling party voters, only 14 percent believe that the scenario of Poland leaving the EU is realistic, while 66 percent believe the opposite. Meanwhile, in the electorates of the opposition parties, about half of the respondents consider a “Polexit” scenario to be possible.