Education Ministry plans significant raises for teachers

“We are preparing large raises for teachers. First, for teachers from primary and secondary schools. The increases will be by several dozen percent,” the Minister of Education Przemysław Czarnek announced in an interview with "Super Express".

The Minister aims to debureaucratise the teacher's work through external evaluation and monitoring. According to Mr Czarnek, currently, out of 40-46 work hours a week, teachers spend more than 10 on bureaucratic tasks. The ministry also wants to increase the prestige of a teaching job. The Minister said that raising the teachers’ salaries would be a step in that direction. He emphasised that the raises will be significant and that they will affect the primary and high school teachers first and academic professors next..

Referring to the fourth wave of COVID-19 pandemic, the minister said that even if the daily number of new cases reach 15,000, there may not be a need for the reintroduction of distance learning. He recalled that it was not the number of infections that made the Ministry switch to distance learning, but the efficiency of the health service, which at one point was depleted. He said that if there are free beds in the hospital and the health service is efficient, there will be no distance learning in schools.

Mr Czarnek also declared that the Ministry has emergency plans to prepare for the fourth wave.