Over 48,000 parents want to have their children vaccinated at school: ministry

School officials have collected over 48,300 declarations from parents who want their children to receive COVID-19 vaccinations at school, the Ministry of Education reported.

School principals have been collecting declarations from parents since September 1.

In addition to those obtained from parents, the Ministry of Education announced they also received declarations from 1,490 school employees as well as from 3,380 family members of the students.

The ministry stated that, as of September 10, a total of 10,626 schools had established cooperation with vaccination centres. As such, vaccinations will take place in 1,398 schools.

Additionally, over 9,000 schools (9,067) will organise vaccinations for students at public vaccination points.

The education ministry announced that, on a national scale, 34.40 percent of students between the ages of 12 and 18 had been inoculated against the coronavirus.

"We encourage everyone to get vaccinated. It is vital that all eligible students, teachers and school staff receive the vaccines. If more people are vaccinated, we will achieve population immunity much quicker and, thus, in-school learning will be possible without the need to introduce restrictions," the ministry added.