Lithuania launches construction of fence on border with Belarus

The construction of the first section of the fence on the border with Belarus, which is to stop the influx of immigrants, will start in September in Lithuania, the Lithuanian government announced on Monday, quoted by the Reuters Agency.

It was added that the construction of a fence 110 km long and 4 meters high, equipped with barbed wire, is to be completed by April. The government said that the construction of the first section was commissioned by the state-owned company EPSO-G, and the cost of the project was EUR 36 mln.

The fence on the remaining sections of the border with Belarus, totalling 400 kilometres, is to be built by September 2022. Sections with rivers and lakes will not be fenced.

On Monday, Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas accused Russia of being jointly responsible for the crisis on the border.

Due to the uncontrolled influx of illegal migrants from Belarus, Lithuania introduced a state of emergency in the entire country in early July. At the beginning of August, the country’s parliament, by way of the extraordinary procedure, passed a special act on the construction of a fence on the border with Belarus and allowed the use of the army in emergency situations.

About 4,2000 individuals have been apprehended while trying to illegally cross the Lithuanian-Belarusian border this year. In the entire 2020, only 81 migrants were detained.