New combat robots used in Zapad-2021 manoeuvers

During the Zapad-2021 strategic manoeuvers with Belarus, the Russian armed forces for the first time used the Uran-9 and Nerechta robots in combat lines together with soldiers, the Ministry of Defense in Moscow announced on Monday.

This part of the exercise was carried out at the Mulino training ground. Russian President Vladimir Putin was expected to visit the site on Monday.

The Uran-9 robots conducted combat operations directly in the battle lines of the defending units, and they deliberately destroyed the manpower and the enemy's equipment. They fired at a distance of up to 5,000 meters from the Ataka anti-tank missile launcher and autocannons. In addition, the machines covered motorised units while changing positions.

Nerecht's robots were involved in the reconnaissance and fire support. Machines of this type are armed with a 12.7 mm Kord machine gun and a 30 mm machine grenade launcher AG-30M. Nerecht's robots can also correct fire, deliver ammunition and equipment.

Russia used the Uranium-9 robots remotely during the conflict in Syria. After the Zapad-2021 manoeuvers, a decision will be made on their future - exactly what tasks they will perform and in which units of the armed forces they will be used.