Jam your sensors at Plum Festival, sweetly

Whether you have a plum in your mouth or are just an aficionado, the “Plum Fest” in Strzelce Dolne, northern Poland is the place for you to be.

Just ‘beet’ it!

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Taking place unceasingly for 21 years, the fair brings together preserves-lovers from all over Poland.

“A kicking event. It is local and the food is sweet. The thing has been developing and gaining momentum,” said one of the festival-goers.

“I am really impressed. It is awesome fun around here. We love checking out regional events and here it really rocks,” seconded another enthusiast.

Live music and stalls dazzling with faeries of colours — a staple of the fest.

Needless to say, the main stars of the events were plums collected directly from trees, either whole or processed into preserves and other food, although plum jam turned out equally popular, especially the one produced from the ancient strand of the so-called “Hungarian plums”. Truly, the apple of everybody’s eye.

Jan Iwanowski, the organiser of the event and the chairman of the Strzelecka Dolina Association, could not conceal his exuberant satisfaction with the turnout.

“We have here many traditional products from all over Poland— after all, we get them from the highlanders, the Cashubia and Cuyavia regions, and we even get some from the area near the Lithuanian border. Our village has been making a living from orcharding, vegetable farming and food processing for the past 300 years and this remains our goal. Plum jam is an additive-free product. That is just plums, plums and once again plums. We fry them until they become fleshy and dense. What we need is from six to eight hours of continuous stirring. That is a really tough job, alright,” explained Mr Iwanowski.

This year’s edition of the “Plum Fest” was carried out under the “Jar a little bit of Summer” slogan.