Nobody can reverse progress made in Afghanistan in last 20 years: ambassador

Hopes are very high that the Taliban will understand the realities of Afghanistan in the 21st century, and that all that has been built over the last two decades would not disappear under the new rules, said Tahir Quadiry, Afghanistan's Ambassador to Poland in an interview with PolandIN.

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The ambassador pointed out that the talks between the current government and the Taliban were underway to reach a political settlement in order to form a new one that will be acceptable to all the citizens.

Mr Quadiry stated that there is “a resilient nation in Afghanistan who will not let others push them around.” Referring to the past 20 years, he stated that his fellow countrymen perceived western countries as “forces that came to build the country, infrastructure and develop all the other sectors.”

Starting from scratch, with hardly any institutions working, even the basic ones such as schools, Afghanistan, in the eyes of the ambassador, has achieved great success, especially in the field of media freedom, education and women rights.

The sudden US withdrawal from Afghanistan left its citizens in shock and despair because they did not see such rapid changes coming. However, in the opinion of Mr Quadiry, the international community will not lose interest in Afghanistan, because “the security of the country is crucial for the entire region.”

At the same time, when asked about the possible growth of influences of China and Russia in Afghanistan following the US withdrawal, the ambassador stated that the Afghan’s priority was always to keep the balance on the international arena and that shall remain in the future.

Ambassador Quadiry stated that the Afghans were grateful for Poland’s involvement in the evacuation of those who were at risk, e.g. people who helped the Polish soldiers and their allies in their military duties in Afghanistan.

Although the exodus of the country’s elites is disturbing in the context of forming a new country, Mr Quadiry expressed hope that someday, when the situation settles down, they will come back to help rebuild Afghanistan.