Alpacalypse of cuteness awaits in Kłodzko Valley

They come originally from South America, but can be found increasingly more often in Lower Silesia province in south-western Poland. Alpacas from Kamieniec in the Kłodzko Valley win the hearts of tourists. According to breeders, “one walk with the alpacas de-stresses just like a decent vacation.”

“I had always wanted to create my own breeding,” Artur Spodniewski, one of the owners of the 'Alpaca Valley' said. As he added, it all started in May last year with two females, later joined by 2 males. Currently, 11 animals live in his breeding.

“Alpacotherapy is based on contact between humans and animals; in this role, alpacas act as a guide for a child or an adult. They force you to stay calm… they are very gentle, calm animals, they only have teeth on the bottom, so they will not bite anyone,” Marta Hajłasz, the breeding’s co-owner stressed.

“They are calming down, motivating to action, relaxing muscle tension,” one of the visitors to the place said, pointing to the advantages of communing with animals.

Alpacas are camelids living in South America, they have extremely soft, fluffy and antiallergic wool, which has exceptional thermal insulation properties, warms much better than sheep wool, and at the same time is several times lighter than it. It is also considered a luxury product.