Łaczna Zoo: The home of Poland’s only semi-free range with lemurs

Following the birth of a couple of large culls, Łączna Zoo now houses the largest number of lemurs in Poland. At the exhibition space called “the world of lemurs", visitors can touch and feed the friendly animals.

The zoo has been operating since 2012 and now has more than 100 species of animals from all over the world, including: tigers, kangaroos, suricates, antelopes, polar wolves, katta lemurs, and the only semi-free range in Poland with lemurs, white-tailed gibbons and Abyssinian gerezes.

The true homeland of the lemurs is Madagascar. The first lemurs which came to Łączna were born in various zoos and arrived in the province of Lower Silesia as part of an exchange program.

There are over one hundred species of lemurs in Madagascar. In Łączna Zoo there are black, brown, macao and katta lemurs. They do not like each other, so they live in separate enclosures, but they love it when visitors treat them with sweets.

Lemurs in Madagascar are threatened with extinction. There are several reasons for this: burning of tropical forests for grazing cows and tropical storms. It is estimated that more lemurs live in European zoos than on their native island.

Part of the income from the tickets is earmarked for saving endangered species - states Patrycja Szuman, caretaker of the lemurs at Lączna Zoo.