Visitors line up to see one of world’s largest cycloramic paintings

One of the world’s largest oil cycloramic paintings on canvas, the Racławice Panorama in Wrocław, Poland, is attracting hosts of visitors and tickets are selling like hotcakes.

Depicting the Battle of Racławice, during the Kościuszko Uprising, the first of a series of uprisings that followed Poland’s partitions by Russia, Prussia and Austria at the end of the 18th century, the painting is one of only a few preserved relics of a genre of 19th-century mass culture, and the oldest in Poland. The panorama stands in a circular fashion and, with the viewer in the centre, presents different scenes at various viewing angles. A special kind of perspective used in the painting and additional effects such as lighting and artificial terrain create a feeling of reality.

With almost a month since the reopening of the Panorama of the Battle of Racławice in Wrocław, the attractivity of the venue does not wane and one still has to buy tickets even a few days in advance. The demand was so huge that the museum had to extend its working hours.

Thanks to the commentary being available in 18 languages, also in sign language, the Panorama is accessible to a large variety of visitors hailing from wide. A multimedia presentation on the screens includes, among others, the story of Tadeusz Kościuszko and the history behind the creation of the famous painting.

Until the fourth wave of the pandemic comes to Poland and the government introduces new restrictions, Polish art galleries use the time they have to the fullest. The record-holder is the Wawel castle, which is visited by as many visitors as before the pandemic.

Polish artists are admired not only in Poland. For the first time, a painting by Polish artist Jan Matejko entitled “Conversations with God: Copernicus” was exhibited at the National Gallery in London. The interest in the Polish painter and his painting was so astronomic that the Gallery authorities decided to extend the exhibition until the end of August.