Centuries old castle attracts tourists to southern Masovia

Looking for some great architecture in the vicinity of Warsaw? Say no more, the Czersk Castle of Masovian dukes is located just 36 kilometres from the capital city and is a great day trip destination for history and architecture lovers.

The Czersk Castle was built by Prince Janusz the Elder at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries on the site of an earlier castle. Although it was heavily damaged over the centuries, particularly during the Swedish deluge during the 17th century, its lofty towers still dominate the surrounding plains.

It served as a fortress and the seat of Masovian dukes. Later, during the Prussian partition, a Prussian leader ordered the castle's defence walls to be taken down, reducing its military value. Today, only the towers, a brick bridge from the eighteenth century, and the north and east wing of the castle remain of the overall stronghold.

Czersk is now a charming village surrounded by orchards, located on the escarpment of the Vistula river. The village and its castle were built at a place where trade routes linking Pomerania, Ruthenia and Silesia meet. There is also a strategic place for crossing the Vistula river. The castle is open for tourists all year round and its administrator is the Cultural Center in Góra Kalwaria.

The site is the perfect place for tourists to relax and gaze at the magnificent views of the Vistula river valley. The former capital of southern Mazovia is a picturesque village with an unusual history and is still full of undiscovered mysteries.