The “Rise of Eastern Culture” Festival starts in three Polish cities

The “Rise of Eastern Culture” festival connects three events organised in eastern-Poland cities. “Stadium of Culture” is organised in Rzeszów, “Different Sounds” in Lublin, and in Białystok - “Another Dimension,” which ends the festival. As Rafał Rudnicki, the deputy mayor of Białystok says, “the Białystok part... is always devoted to a multinational, multicultural, multi-religious place” that the city is.

The “Rise of Eastern Culture” is organised for the ninth time this year. The programme includes concerts, exhibitions and performances.

As Grażyna Dworakowska, the director of the Białystok Cultural Centre, says, “there are a bit more activities related to Jewish culture, but also to music.”

“All our cities have a lot to boast about in terms of cultural and artistic heritage. Our events are attended by viewers from all over Poland and this is a great opportunity to present our achievements,” Konrad Fijołek, the mayor of Rzeszów said.

The festival, for which there are still single seats available, has already started and will last until August 22nd. Admission to the events is free.