Lost stronghold uncovered on overgrown hill

In Chotków, western Poland, archaeologists uncovered the remains of a stronghold from the Middle Ages. Fragments of metal tools and objects as well as pottery from several centuries ago were also found.

For decades, no one thought that on an overgrown hill on the edge of the village, a stronghold from the 15th century, probably originally belonging to the von Nostitz family, was waiting to be uncovered.

After a few days of excavations, archaeologists found well-preserved fragments of the stone wall, which constituted the main fortifications of the stronghold. In addition, it was found out that the access to it was protected by a moat.

The scientists also found fragments of metal tools and objects as well as pottery from several centuries ago. The finds will allow them to determine exactly what was the purpose of the stronghold and who inhabited it. For now, they are convinced that the building served a defensive purpose.

Archaeologists from the Archaeological Museum of the Middle Nadodrze in Świdnica, south-western Poland, have no doubt that the hill, on which the building was uncovered, hides more historical secrets. They announced that they were also looking for a place where local robbers and robbers were hung.

According to the archaeologists, the excavation work in Chotków may take several years.