Father and son find buried treasure from Lusatian culture

Archaeologists dug out a bracelet and 220 other objects from the ground in Bogdaniec municipality after an unusual report of something valuable sticking out of the ground. 8-year-old Janek and his father came across treasures of Lusatian culture during a winter walk. On August 10, the Jan Dekert museum in Gorzów Wielkopolski, western Poland, exhibited the findings.

On January 12, 2021 Andrzej Abrasowicz and his son went for an ordinary walk in the Bogdaniec municipality, during which they found a bracelet sticking from underground. The finders did not intend to take the bracelet home; they instantly reported the unusual finding to archaeologists. The day after, an archaeological site was established.

In total, over 200 items were found, including decorated bracelets, necklaces and the most impressive, a breastplate composed of several elements; some might have even been gold plated. In addition to the ornaments, there are also pieces of horse harnesses.

Everything was covered with patina and stayed underground for about 2,500 years. In October, specialists from the University of Toruń are to take a closer look and clean the precious treasure.

Finders from Bogdaniec can probably count on an award from the Culture, National Heritage and Sports Ministry. Their discovery is the 7th treasure that has been added to the museum in Gorzów Wielkopolski in the last 10 years.