Kittens in distress: Woman jumps into river to save little cats

Sauntering along the bank of Tuga River in Nowy Dwór Gdański, northern Poland, on a Sunday evening, a bundle of children heard desperate meowing coming from a plastic bag barely holding up above the water level.

The young citizens immediately dialled the emergency number. When the fire department arrived within minutes, they were quick to realise that someone else had already stepped into the action.

Having heard the feline calls for succour and without a shadow of a doubt, a woman pulled down her skirt, launched herself into the river and extracted the kittens from their deadly predicament. Unfortunately, one of the kittens was already dead by the time the woman pulled them out of the water.

A couple of minutes later, a police patrol identified and apprehended the callous perpetrator of the crime — a 67-year-old female resident of Nowy Dwór Gdański who had put the kittens in the bag and discarded it into the river. The culprit will answer for the abuse of animals characterised by extreme cruelty. She may face up to five years behind bars.