Group of scouts travels through Poland on self-made raft

A group of scouts from Płock, central Poland, travels through Poland on a self-made raft. The expedition set off on July 24 and has almost 500 kilometres to cover.

The route of young sailors, aged 11-12, runs from the Augustów Canal, north-eastern Poland, to Elbląg, north-central Poland.

As the participants of the expedition admit, cleaning and cooking are the biggest challenges. "It can also be cramped, and during a night watch it can be a bit scary," they admit, adding that "this is, above all, an adventure and a life lesson."

"They cook, clean and wash, keep order on the raft, everything is on their side," Krzysztof Nowacki, Commander of the Brotherhood of Scout Flag said, adding that "the daredevils must also learn to cooperate - without it, they will not be able to control the raft, but also their own emotions."

The expedition is planned to end with arrival in Elbląg on August 8.