Fourth wave of COVID-19 infections to peak at end of summer: official

“Following a decline and the stabilisation trend in the number of new COVID-19 infections detected, an increase in the number of cases is visible. The next wave of the pandemic will accelerate,” Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said on Thursday in Wrocław western Poland.

“In recent weeks there has been a turning point and the downward trend (of infections detected) changed to a stabilised trend. Now we already record increases of about 20 percent week on week, so the dynamic is significant,” the head of the Health Ministry indicated at the press conference.

“This situation, from the point of view of the healthcare system efficiency, is absolutely not a threat. We have about 350 hospitalisations, and over 6,000 beds available in the COVID-19 system. We have the comfort and space to admit patients,” Minister Niedzielski stressed.

According to the Health Ministry's data from Thursday, there are 329 COVID-19 patients in hospitals, including 54 under ventilators. There are 6,218 beds and 616 ventilators ready for COVID-19 patients.

The Health Minister added that the acceleration of the fourth wave may occur at the end of the summer holidays. However looking at other countries the increase will not translate into a large increase in the number of deaths or burden the healthcare system. “But all this is conditioned by the vaccination process,” he noted.

“We can talk a lot about forecasts, but if the vaccination process is not continued dynamically, we are putting ourselves at greater risk,” the Minister concluded.