Rock Rachon: EC issues ultimatum to Poland

The European Commission (EC) has warned Poland that it will ask the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to impose financial sanctions on the country if Warsaw fails to implement a recent CJEU ruling on the Disciplinary Chamber of the Polish Supreme Court. Poland has to present a solution by August 16.

The EC has also decided to launch an infringement procedure against Poland over some local governments’ resolutions declaring "LGBT-ideology free zones" in a number of Polish municipalities. The resolutions were a voice of dissent against LGBT-themed sex education at schools.

But it is not only Poland that has disputes with the Commission. The EC also does not like the Hungarian law that, among other things, prohibits the promotion of homosexuality and gender reassignment during school hours and the provision of pornographic content to children.

The EC has announced that it will refer the two cases regarding Poland and Hungary to the European Court of Justice.

Such a way of conducting politics must lead to dire consequences for the European Union project. According to the German Tagesspiegiel, this is "how Europe is falling apart".

Also discussed in the programme were the recent events in Cuba where as many as 5,000 citizens were arrested by the communist regime last week in the wake of protests against the country's political system. The media have reported that family members of Cuba's former dictator Fidel Castro have either left the island or are prepared to emigrate.

Rock Rachon’s guests were Gunnar Beck, Hermann Tertsch, Maciej Kożuszek and Jorge Tito Estrada Dec.