Polish Foreign Affairs Ministry accuses EU of double standards

Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Paweł Jabłoński, has stated that the European Union is not concerned about the rule of law in Poland, but instead uses it as a pretext to achieve political goals. Interviewed by TV Republika, the minister stated that the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Luxembourg has long been "expanding its competences through the fait accompli method over what is written in the (EU) treaties."

On Tuesday, The European Commission (EC) gave Poland until August 16 to adhere to the decision by the CJEU to apply interim measures against the Disciplinary Chamber of the Polish Supreme Court, or face financial sanctions.

The case started in October 2019, when the EC argued that the Disciplinary Chamber under the Polish Supreme Court, set up in 2017, violates judicial independence as its mission to discipline judges who break the law or judicial codes of conduct would have a "chilling effect" on judges. The EC argues that such interference with judicial independence runs against EU law.

During the interview, Minister Jabłoński stated that more than 10 EU member states had experienced clashes between their national legislation and EU law, but only Poland is facing financial consequences.

"Unfortunately, it is a sign of unequal treatment in the EU," he added.

The minister claims that the EU is using double standards, with member states that were once Soviet satellite states treated differently than other states in western and southern Europe.

Last week, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the EU Treaty provisions on which the CJEU based its interim measures are unconstitutional.