COVID-19: Vaccination rate soars within Armed Forces

76 percent of Polish Army soldiers have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the spokesman for the General Command of the Armed Forces Lieutenant Colonel Marek Pawlak told the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

The spokesman stressed that the army had achieved a higher vaccination rate than the general Polish population (about 44 percent of the Polish population is currently fully vaccinated).

"Since the military is not a hermetically sealed institution and soldiers are in daily contact with the civilian environment, there is a potential risk of infection and thus impact on the functioning of the Armed Forces," Lt. Col. Pawlak stated.

Asked whether the military anticipates additional measures in connection with the expected next wave of the pandemic, the spokesman answered that 100 percent of soldiers are trained in how to best support public administration bodies during a pandemic.

"The Armed Forces joined the fight against COVID-19 from the very start of the pandemic by providing support and assistance at many levels. Military Task Forces operate on behalf of government agencies, providing support to non-military entities, in terms of swabbing, evacuation, vaccination, etc. They have at their disposal, among others: military field hospitals, sanitation vehicles, mobile medical teams, mobile microbiology laboratories and medical personnel," Lt. Col. Pawlak wrote.