You play unique and extremely important role: President Duda on Police day

“You play a unique and extremely important role, guarding the security of the state and its citizens, serving the nation and the Republic of Poland, also risking your life. Thank you with all my heart for this service,” President Andrzej Duda told police officers in Warsaw during the central celebration of Police Day.

“Please, convey my regards to your loved ones. They are always waiting for your return from service. I wish for you all to always come back and that someone always waits for you with joy and a smile,” President Duda stressed.

He also emphasised that every officer deserves respect for the service they provide.

The ceremony in Warsaw was also attended by Elżbieta Witek, the Sejm’s speaker and Mariusz Kamiński, the Minister of the Interior and Administration.

During the ceremony seven officers were given general nominations.

Police Day is celebrated in Poland on July 24, on the anniversary of the establishment of the Polish State Police in 1919.