Rock Rachon: dispute about primacy of EU law over national

A discussion is taking place in the European Union on the mutual relations between national law and EU law. The Constitutional Court in Poland will make a statement on the subject, and it is not the first time it has done so.

Case concerning primacy of constitution over EU law adjourned

The Constitutional Court (TK) adjourned in a case concerning the primacy of Poland’s constitution over EU law after hearing sides to the dispute on...

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So far the Polish court, which decides whether or not Polish law complies with the Constitution, has dealt with the mutual relations of EU law and domestic law twice.

Other countries in Europe face the same problem: Spain on immunity for Catalan separatists, France on telecommunications data and the fight against terrorism, Germany on the EU bonds, and Romania on the rules for judges.

It means that if the citizens or politicians of most EU countries agree to introduce a law that 90 percent of the citizens of one country do not want, then that country will have to abide by the decision made by others. Regardless of how the citizens of that particular country vote.

The programme also continues the topic of European conservative parties signing a joint declaration on upholding European values and defending the sovereignty of nations against the progressive federalisation of the EU.

The guests of Rock Rachon were Maximillian Krach, Paolo Borchia and Matthew Tyrmand.