Rock Rachon: First NATO summit of Joe Biden

The first NATO summit with the new US President Joe Biden concluded in Brussels. According to the published statement, all major goals for which the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was created remain in force.

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Despite this state of affairs, a meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland, was announced for June 16.

The meeting between Mr Biden and Mr Putin raised concerns in Central Europe. NATO countries on the eastern flank were surprised by the American decision to abruptly withdraw from sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

Back then the first line of Nord Stream was being built,now the second line is being completed. Vladimir Putin is building it in cooperation with NATO member states, including Germany and the Netherlands. For the countries of Central Europe this is a security risk, because after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia showed the world that economic issues are always just a tool for its imperial policy.

The guests of Rock Rachon were George Friedman, Dominika Ćosić and Tomasz Szatkowski.