Get enchanted by Mazury - land of thousand lakes

The northeastern Warmia and Mazury region are some of the most popular holiday destinations in Poland. Also called the land of a thousand lakes, it would eagerly welcome visitors from all over the world.

One can relax by one of the hundreds of lakesides or on a municipal beach or explore the many dark and dense forests. Mazury is the place where the largest lake in Poland is located - Lake Śniardwy encompasses 113 square kilometres.

Those who want to explore the picturesque Great Mazury Lakes can travel down the 150-kilometre-long water trail, prepared earlier this year. The main, 86.6 kilometre-long, navigable waterway connects the towns of Pisz and Węgorzewo.

It’s not just lakes though. There are palaces and manor houses, and there are also early medieval headstones which are the representations of early Prussian Gods. The region is also riddled with the remnants of the German WWII-era infrastructure.