Rock Rachon: Ideological clash dims European Football Championship

The UEFA European Football Championship due to controversies of political nature surrounding the event has become another opportunity to discuss the ideological dispute which is taking place in Europe.

The first controversy was caused by the German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer who instead of using the captain's armband provided by the UEFA has put on a rainbow armband representing the LGBTQ community colours. This was seen as going against the UEFA rule that its sports events should be free of political and ideological overtones. However, the UEFA investigation into the matter was halted. later reported that in St. Petersburg, for the same reasons, a Polish journalist was forbidden to bring a computer with a Fighting Poland sticker to the press office. As the report reads: "They did not like the sticker on the laptop of the "Piłka Nożna" journalist with the inscription "Warsaw Uprising 1944", the "anchor" symbol of Fighting Poland and the Polish flag. A local security guard said that UEFA forbids any political emblems and that he had to tear off the sticker because the 'anchor' sign is in the set of forbidden symbols by UEFA."

Before a group stage match between Germany and Hungary, the mayor of Munich proposed that the stadium where the match was played should be illuminated with colours of the rainbow. The mayor of Munich thought that it would be a good opportunity to provoke the Hungarian representation, as well as the Hungarians themselves, in connection with the law fighting paedophilia and banning homosexual propaganda in schools, passed by their parliament a few days earlier.

These rainbow-coloured manifestations seem to be in contradiction with the view expressed by most liberal and left-wing political parties that there is no such thing as an LGBT ideology.

Rock Rachon’s guests were Tymoteusz Zych, Bolek Piasecki and Matthew Tyrmand.