Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine FMs sign Road Map to Lublin Triangle

On Wednesday morning, the heads of diplomacy of Poland (Zbigniew Rau), Lithuania (Gabrielius Landsbergis) and of Ukraine (Dmytro Kuleba) signed the Road Map to the Lublin Triangle agreement and the Declaration on Common Heritage and Values ​​at the Palace of Rulers in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian military exercises to be held in late July

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The signing of the Declaration of Common Heritage and Values is related to the 230th anniversary of the Constitution of 3 May.

The Lublin Triangle is a format for trilateral cooperation between Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. It was established in 2020 and its purpose is to deepen political, economic and social cooperation between these countries and to support Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

“We are aware that we share the common heritage of the First Polish Republic (...) this is freedom, national sovereignty, the separation of powers and the belief that power comes from the nation. We believe that it is our tradition that binds us today,” Polish FM Zbigniew Rau said.

He added that this position also leads to the reflection that in our part of Europe there are many threats to its heritage and values. He emphasised that the values ​​and heritage he mentioned inspire all three countries to act together.

Mr Rau will also participate in the annual Ukraine Reform Conference. The FM is also expected to visit towns near Vilnius and, among others, meet with representatives of the Polish community.