‘Hydrogen’ Valley under development in Wielkopolska region

The US has its Silicon Valley, but the Wielkopolska region of Poland wants to become the very own hydrogen valley. Polish companies want to develop technology making use of the fuel of the future, and a few factories are already operating with the use of hydrogen.

Orlen plans to build hydrogen hub in Poland, Czech Rep, Slovakia

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Poland has begun creating economic development centres based on hydrogen. One has already been established in the Pomorze region, and another one in Podkarpacie in northern and southern parts of the country respectively.

Broad support for this idea was reflected in the declaration of establishing the Wielkopolska Hydrogen Valley, signed by the representatives of the largest cities and the renowned universities in the Wielkopolskie province in western Poland.

This technology is already developing in practice. Until now, the power plants in Pątnów, Adamów and Konin based its operativity on lignite, but the energy transformation prompted them to switch to other, innovative solutions.

“We plan, among other things, to produce hydrogen with 100 percent use of energy from renewable energy sources, but that is not all. We are also thinking about hydrogen distribution and sales at refueling stations,” said Maciej Nietopiel, the CEO of the Konin lignite mine.

Another signatory of the declaration is Solaris Bus & Coach - one of the leaders in the production of hydrogen buses. The Solaris factory in Bolechów is currently carrying out contracts for 100 hydrogen busses, half of the entire European hydrogen bus market. And new contracts are likely to be signed soon. Poznań wants to have 83 hydrogen busses – their purchase is to be co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection.