Europe cannot be changed undemocratically: ruling party leader

“It must not be allowed for such methods devoid of any connection to democracy to be used to change Europe,” Deputy PM and ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party leader Jarosław Kaczyński said in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

We do not want revolutions restricting freedom: ruling party leader

“Today, the leaders of many parties in Europe, including PiS, the Italian Northern League, the National Rally in France, and Fidesz in Hungary...

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On the eve of the conference, Mr Kaczyński said that it “is a crucial enterprise but an enterprise all the same potentially controversial,” adding that “it is clear that it is a way of bringing about a state in which a new argument would be formed — a powerful argument… to strongly centralise the Union.” He noted that “not just various specialists would be taking part in the conference but also random people, citizens of the EU.”

Mr Kaczyński went on to say that the centralisation would be in fact the centralisation “of European societies, which in turn would lead to full degradation of the role of states, or at least lesser, weaker states. Secondly, it will undermine the entire European tradition. Thirdly, it will render null and void the great richness of Europe constituted by the diversity and uniqueness of its various cultures, customs, political cultures and systemic differences.”

He stressed that such action “is based on ideologies that can be deemed the most destructive for the future of the EU.”

Mr Kaczyński went on to say that “the richness of European cultures, their diversity, is truly great. We think that this richness cannot be maintained and therefore European strength cannot be maintained by anything other than nation-states.” The PiS leader also felt that democracy could not be preserved without nation-states and that, should it not happen, an oligarchy would rule the EU to the privilege of some states.

He stressed that such an oligarchic concept could lead to disaster and destruction, and that such an approach “would be destructive for Europe.”

Mr Kaczyński recalled that “the most humanitarian system” of values “in terms of ideas, religion and the political dimension” originated from Europe. He noted that the roots of this system tapped to the outside of Europe where Christianity was born, saying “Christianity is the foundation of all of this.”

“One of the values that I have not mentioned so far is the law. The law that is observed. In the Europe of treaties, other elements of the European law are not observed. We are dealing with the overactivity of courts, which is a situation in which anarchy meets the ‘I’ve got the upper hand’ rule.”

“That is why we issue the statement of multiple European parties and we think that many will follow us on this statement — the beginning of our path and dialogue that Europe needs so much and that will bring about a clear result,” he said, stressing that “Europeans want to live in their own state. They want these states to cooperate with one another in an institutionalised manner. But they also want all of that which constituted Europe so far to continue.”

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