Polish drug smuggling gang caught in Spain

The Border Guard and the Central Police Investigation Bureau (CBŚP) together with the Spanish Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil caught an organised group of smugglers and drug dealers operating in Poland and Spain.

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A total of nine people were detained. The group could in theory have smuggled as much as 1.2 tonnes of marijuana to Poland, worth almost PLN 24 mln (EUR 5.27 mln). Investigators said that some of the suspects are associated with hooligans from one of the sports clubs in Kraków, southern Poland .

Findings so far show that the criminal group was involved in smuggling large amounts of marijuana from Spain to Poland, and then distributing it. According to investigators, the group was in operation from 2016.

The raid in Spain was conducted by the Spanish police with the participation of Polish services. A total of five Polish citizens were detained, including three wanted by European Arrest Warrants issued by a Polish court. 25 kg of marijuana was found and 2 cannabis plantations with 1,400 bushes were liquidated. At the same time Polish services carried out raids in three Polish provinces, where four suspects were detained. The police secured documents, electronic equipment, as well as over 5.5 kg of hashish and 4 liters of liquid amphetamine and over 3 kg of marijuana. The value of the drugs seized is nearly PLN 500,000 (EUR 110,919). Cash was also secured, amounting to over PLN 300,000 (EUR 66,551.59) and almost EUR 9,500.

The procedure of extradition of the Poles detained in Spain was initiated, while those detained in Poland were temporarily arrested by the court for a period of three months. Seven people are suspected of participating in an organised criminal group and of smuggling and distributing large amounts of drugs, which may result in a sentence of 15 years imprisonment. Two detainees will be prosecuted under Spanish law.

Currently, the case outlines 44 suspects. The investigation is still being developed and further arrests may follow.