Majority of Poles incline towards spontaneous trips: study

Some 60 percent of Poles are open to spontaneous trips, booked at most a few days in advance. These are the results of a study commissioned by the state-owned PKP Intercity railway carrier, according to which the respondents up to 24 years of age constitute the largest group of enthusiasts of this type of travel (67 percent).

"The main reasons for spontaneous travel are usually the desire to rest (42 percent) and time to spare (30 percent),” a statement issued by PKP Intercity wrote.

In turn, 52 percent of respondents would choose to travel by train on a less popular date, for example, in the middle of the week (Tuesday - Thursday), "if the ticket price was significantly lower". Every sixth respondent does not consider lower prices a sufficient incentive to travel. "Seeing this trend and wanting to encourage travel in the middle of the week even more, PKP Intercity is introducing more promotional tickets for express trains," PKP Intercity stated.

It was explained that the tickets were available all the time of the pre-sale, and they can be purchased through the Super Promo Hunter search on the website

Furthermore, the survey showed that 52 percent of Poles are willing to take city ​​breaks. At the same time, 57 percent believe that city breaks will be more and more popular in the coming years.

PKP Intercity reminded that from June 26, 2021, the occupancy limit, originally imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be abolished, which means it will be possible to travel by the carrier’s trains without reserving a seat prior to entering the carriage. One is still obliged to cover one’s mouth and nose while onboard.