Titan arum blooms in Poland for the first time

The memorable moment that many waited for finally came as in the botanical garden of the University of Warsaw, a giant titan arum bloomed for the first time in Poland’s history.

The flowering of this rare specimen is very short-lived. Therefore, it is not surprising that there was a long queue of people eager to take a peek.

Joanna Bogdanowicz, the curator of the greenhouse at the botanical garden of the University of Warsaw could not conceal her excitement: “There is a smell sensation and sight sensation and that it is so rare,” she said

Titan arum’s fragrance is not the lightest of smells as it resembles rotting meat. For humans it might be off-putting but for insects, it is the sweetest and most insidious incentive. This is how the plant lures unwary prey and time is not on its side as it blooms once in a few years, only for 24 hours in its faraway home island of Sumatra.

As unusual as it may sound, the truly lucky were the ones who made it to the botanic garden to smell the plant’s dubiously fresh fragrance.

Botanists treat the blooming of the titan arum as a miracle - the head of the flower has already been in danger of rotting once. Over the years, however, scientists have managed to save the flower, creating the best conditions for it to pull off a successful show of colour and smell.