Poland among EU countries with lowest unemployment rate: PM’s office

“Poland has been in the forefront of the EU countries with the lowest unemployment rate for a long time and the government is taking all measures to keep this trend,” the Office of the Prime Minister said on Tuesday, referring to the situation on the labour market.

Polish gov’t proposes 7 pct minimum wage increase from 2022

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It was recalled that the European Commission forecasts that in 2021 unemployment in Poland will be the lowest in the EU, at 3.5 percent. “Preliminary data from labour offices indicate a decrease by 0.1 percentage points in the unemployment rate in April to 6.3 percent,” it added.

According to the Labour Force Survey, the number of employed in the Q4 2020 was on average approximately 16.6 mln people, which means that it increased compared to the Q4 2019 by 88,000 or by 0.5 percent. Moreover, employment in the enterprise sector is systematically growing. According to Statistics Poland data from April 2021, the average employment in enterprises employing more than 9 people was higher by 0.9 percent year on year and amounted to 6.3 mln people.

As noted, the increase in employment is accompanied by an increase in wages. According to GUS data, the average wage in the enterprise sector in April 2021 was PLN 5,805.72 (EUR 1,281.32) gross or approximately 9.9 percent more than a year ago.

According to the draft adopted on Tuesday by the government, the proposed minimum wage for work in 2022, is PLN 3,000 (EUR 663), which means an increase by PLN 200 (EUR 44.14) compared to the amount in force in 2021.

On the other hand, the proposed minimum hourly rate for specific civil law contracts in 2022 is PLN 19.60 (EUR 4.33), giving an increase by PLN 1.30 (0.29) compared to the amount in force in 2021.