59 pct of Poles support demand for WWII reparations from Germany: study

59 percent of Poles support the demand for Germany to compensate Poland for damages and crimes committed during World War II, a study by the Social Changes studio, published by wPolityce.pl shows.

According to the poll, the voters of the United Right ruling coalition most strongly support the demand for reparations by Germany - 89 percent of them are in favor.

"Interestingly, this postulate is also supported by the majority of Poland 2050 voters - 54 percent to be exact. Only among the voters of the Civic Coalition are the opponents of the reparation demand dominant," the article on wPolityce.pl reads.

18 percent of respondents were against the claims.

Compared to the same survey in March this year, the percentage of supporters for reparations was down 1 percentage point.

The survey for the wPolityce.pl portal was carried out between June 4 and 6, 2021, using the CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) method. The survey was conducted on a nationwide, representative sample (in terms of sex, age, size of the place of residence) of 1067 Poles.