Polish Embassy protests against "Polish Nazi camp" terminology in Italian newspapper

On Thursday the Polish Embassy in Italy protested against the phrase “Polish Nazi camp” referenced to the German Stutthof camp, which appeared in the daily newspapper Il Fatto Quotidiano. “This term is offensive,” the Polish Embassy responded to the article on Twitter.

The article, also advertised on Twitter, concerns a 96-year-old former secretary at the Irmgard Furchner German Nazi camp. She is to be tried for participating in over 11,000 crimes.

In response to this terminology, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rome, headed by Anna Maria Anders, wrote that "There were no ‘Polish Nazi camps’. Please correct this incorrect, misleading and offensive expression to the Polish people who suffered so much during the Second World War under the occupation of the country by Nazi Germany”.

The Embassy also informed Polish Press Agency (PAP) that it had yet to decide whether to intervene in the editorial office.

Many comments were made under the tweet of the newspaper protesting against the use of the misleading phrase.