COVID-19: National Vaccination Programme lottery to be organised

“On July 1, the National Vaccination Programme lottery will be launched. The event will be implemented by Totalizator Sportowy (a Polish national gaming company). PLN 140 million (EUR 30.7 mln) will be allocated for this purpose,” Michał Dworczyk, the head of the Office of the Prime Minister (KPRM) and the government’s plenipotentiary for vaccination, announced on Tuesday.

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“In two weeks, together with Totalizator Sportowy, we will announce the exact assumptions of the programme,” the head of KPRM added. He assured that the prizes to be won would be attractive.

“About every two-thousandth vaccinated person will receive PLN 500 (EUR 110), which is a guaranteed prize, but each lottery participant will have a chance to win. (...) Every week prizes such as PLN 50,000 (EUR 11,000), various types of tangible prizes like: electric scooters, fuel vouchers and insurance vouchers will be drawn,” Minister Dworczyk said.

“Every month there will also be two prizes of PLN 100,000 (EUR 22,000) and a hybrid car. In the final PLN 1 million (EUR 220,000) will be drawn twice and also a hybrid car," Mr Dworczyk added.

Finally the head of KPRM said that from June 15, the provincial governors will be obliged to ensure that a COVID-19 vaccination point is secured during all cultural or sport mass events.

As of Tuesday, a total of 18,085,811 people have been vaccinated in Poland, including 12,814,730 with the first dose and 5,689,744 with the second dose or the J&J vaccine.